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Our Tucson Grout Sealing Crew Makes This Shower Look Better than Ever

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February 20, 2024

This Tucson resident contacted Sir Grout Tucson after months of efforts to get the stains off her shower. The shower floor was evidently dirty and there was no way to conceal the apparent signs of discoloration. More importantly, water and product residue had seeped into the shower's surface, leaving many stains on the grout. In short, the shower looked dingy, and there was no way to scrub off the stains without risking more damage to the tiles and the grout.

Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Sealing in Tucson
When her weekly cleaning routine brought no changes, the homeowner tried some extra tips here and there with the products she had at hand. She figured there was no point in getting lackluster results that would fade away in less than a week. Her search for a reliable Tucson Grout Sealing company led her to Sir Grout Tucson and our website's content met all her expectations. The homeowner filled out the "Request a Quote" form and requested an in-home evaluation.

Our specialists were at her house as scheduled to look at the shower. The first thing they noticed was the dark spots all over the grout, a clear sign that no sealant protected the grout pores as they absorbed all sorts of liquids. The stains on the tiles became more noticeable the closer they were to the floor, which was covered in soap scum and severely discolored on certain areas. Sadly, this is common in showers constantly subjected to humidity and worsened by the foamy film that generic cleaners leave on a surface, keeping all outside elements embedded in. After explaining the cause of the problem, our specialists reassured the client that there wasn't any permanent damage on any part of the shower. To restore the surface's original look, we'd have to clean the grout and the tiles with our own professional equipment. The grout also had to be sealed if the goal was to keep it stain-free. Having heard about our restoration process, the client hired our grout sealing services and scheduled a new appointment.

A few days later, our crew returned with all the necessary tools for the job. To clean the shower, they used an effective pH-neutral cleaner while remaining safe for all hard surfaces. Our cleaner combines high-quality ingredients that counter mold, grime, and soap scum without spreading chemical residues. Our crew used a high-speed scrubber on all the surfaces to fully remove the stains. They then steam-cleaned the shower before starting our work on the grout.

Before sealing, they repaired the floor joints and other areas when the caulk needed replacing. For the next step, our specialists covered the grout with a coat of our signature ColorSeal. Our acrylic-based sealant removes dirt, water, grime, and other external contaminants, resulting in less wear and tear. It is also available in different colors so homeowners can seamlessly match their grout to the tiles. We reinforced the joints with our special epoxy grout. Now that we had a perfectly white grout to go with the tile's newfound elegance, we called the client back into the room to see the results. She was ecstatic; the restoration process had effectively brought her shower back to life.

Before leaving, our specialists were happy to share their recommendations at the client's request. Mold and mildew thrive in damp spaces, so showers shouldn't go without a thorough cleaning for a week. Even on a day-to-day basis, it's important to avoid leaving an excess of water on the shower floor and keep a window open to let in the fresh air. To make cleaning easier and more effective, our specialists recommended using pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. While traditional cleaning products do nothing to prevent stains on your hard surfaces, our soap-free cleaner removes all external elements without using harmful chemicals in the process. Our specialists also recommended using a squeegee, a towel, or a terry cloth rag to keep the surfaces dry.

If you're looking for the best surface restoration services in the area, Sir Grout Tucson is the solution. Our specialists are ready to tackle all types of surface damage while ensuring the safest methods to preserve your grout and tiles for years. If you want to schedule an in-home evaluation, contact us today by calling (520) 389-6218 or filling out the "Request a Quote" form on our website. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest info and promotions.
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