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Our Grout Sealing Masters Surpassed All Expectations by Restoring These Floors in Marana

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May 23, 2024

A resident from Marana, AZ, bought a home several years ago. The house was ideal for her, with everything she needed, but she was unhappy with the state of her floors. After some time feeling this way, she opted to look for an immediate solution. She fortunately discovered us by going online and seeking a grout sealing company in Marana, AZ, that would be able to handle the situation appropriately.

Laundry Floor Before and After Our Grout Sealing in Marana, AZ
When the homeowner visited our website, she was impressed by our before and after picture gallery and testimonials from previous clients. She requested a free evaluation by filling out the "Request a Quote" form.

After receiving her request for an in-home consultation, we went to the homeowner's place. We instantly recognized the problems when the owner showed us the travertine area. The grout lines were filthy, and the tiles had an unattractive appearance. As a result, the entire surface appeared worn. We also discovered that the grout lines had not been adequately sealed. Because conventional grout is porous and can collect water, filth, and grime, it was essential to remedy this issue.

Dining Room Floor Before and After Our Grout Sealing in Marana, AZ
After our thorough investigation, we were able to suggest a solution. The restoration required Sir Grout's skilled methodology and top-of-the-line equipment. We offered a multi-step grout sealing procedure to address all of the issues, give the floor a fresh look, and provide a protective layer. She hired us for the job without hesitation after hearing the offer.

We returned to the homeowner's place three days following the inspection. We got everything ready and began the multi-step grout sealing process right away. First, we used our special cleaner and a high-speed scrubber to clean the surface. Because it's created with high-quality ingredients, our top-of-the-line solution won't harm the tiles or grout. It was time to replace the grout after cleaning the surface. So many homeowners try various products and methods to remove dirty grout. However, most of these efforts are ineffective and frequently inflict more harm than good. Sir Grout Tucson, on the other hand, has the tools and knowledge to quickly and effectively repair any damage to this delicate component. We worked on the entire surface, restoring the grout lines to an optimal condition. We moved on to the sealing process once we finished the grout repairs.

Kitchen Floor Before and After Our Grout Sealing in Marana, AZ
After selecting the best color for this specific travertine surface, we applied our signature sealant, ColorSeal. Our product provides durable protection. It protects against dirt, filth, and other external contaminants, making cleaning simple and quick. ColorSeal improves the floor's appearance tenfold by giving the grout a brilliant color and a brand-new appearance. It comes in various colors, allowing our customers to choose the best suits their needs. Our work resulted in a successful restoration. We gave a brand new look to the travertine kitchen floor and the dining room and laundry room floor, leaving the surface ready to be used. The tiles were recovered, and the overall appearance of the floors was astonishing.

We called the owner after we finished our work and showed her the results. The gorgeous appearance of the restored surfaces was a big surprise to her. She was very happy with the final result. She thought we had done a great job, and everything appeared to be in order. Before we departed, she thanked us and said that she would recommend Sir Grout Tucson's restoration services to her friends.

Kitchens and dining rooms are highly frequented areas in a home, therefore the surfaces are subjected to a lot of foot traffic. This type of wear and tear can lead to rapid degradation. As a result, regular maintenance and care are required in these locations. To keep these surfaces in peak shape, Sir Grout's suggestions must be followed. We recommended creating a weekly cleaning program utilizing only pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to get optimal results.

Unlike store-bought cleaners, our product leaves no residue and produces excellent results. It's also non-toxic and safe for everyone at home. Soap-based cleaners and chemicals with acidic qualities are not recommended. These solutions include vital ingredients that can damage hard surfaces. They also leave a foam behind that seeps into the grout, causing it to deteriorate.

Apply the cleaning solution on the floor with a clean mop and allow it to dry entirely before reentering the room. Abrasive instruments should not be used to clean the floor since they can scratch the tiles. Place a doormat near the front door to prevent outside dirt from entering.

You can't go wrong with Sir Grout Tucson's grout sealing services. Rest assured that our trained specialists will do the best restorations for you. We have years of expertise as a leading company in the hard surface restoration market, providing reliable solutions to countless happy consumers. Call us at (520) 389-6218 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free consultation today. If you want to keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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