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Our Grout Recoloring Crew Transformed a Tile Floor in Tucson

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December 21, 2023

A homeowner in Tucson had gone back and forth with the idea of recoloring the grout on her floors. The ceramic tile floor took a large part of her house and spanned the only rooms casual guests could see. Because of this, the homeowner was afraid of being unhappy with the results if they happened to alter the home's appearance. Despite her concerns, she knew that recoloring the grout was the only solution since her cleaners had been thoroughly ineffective against the dirt that got stuck on the surface.

Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Tucson
She heard about our Tucson grout recoloring services from one of her neighbors and then visited our website for more information. Any misgivings the homeowner had about hiring a restoration company disappeared as soon as she saw our picture gallery. It became apparent that she could trust the specialists at Sir Grout Tucson, and she wanted to hear what we had to say about her floors.

A few days after the homeowner contacted our crew, they visited her house for an in-home evaluation. No part of the grout had been spared, so all the grout lines from the living room to the kitchen had grown discolored. Some parts of the grout looked darker than others, especially when the room's light hit them directly. This meant the floor looked dirty, even when the client kept the tiles clean and stain-free.

Kitchen Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Tucson
Our techs explained the effects of chemical cleaners on unsealed grout. The ingredients in these products are harsh enough to permeate the grout pores and keep the dirt adhered to the surface. Long-term problems include tile discoloration and deep grout damage, but our specialists confirmed that the grout was in good condition despite the stains. They offered to have the grout recolored as part of a thorough cleaning and sealing service, and the homeowner didn't have to think twice before scheduling a new appointment.

Following her request, our experts returned to the client's house before the end of the week for the restoration. First, they applied a surface-safe cleaner and spread it along the expanse of the floor. With the help of a high-speed scrubbing machine, our techs made their way around the living room, the sitting area, and the kitchen, carefully removing any elements sitting on the tiles and the embedded dirt from the grout. Our product simplifies the process by getting the dirt loose on the surface, so mild scrubbing is enough to eliminate most of the stains.

When this was done, it was time to recolor the grout. Our specialists used Sir Grout's amazing ColorSeal on all the grout lines, effectively sealing the grout's porous surface against soil, grime, spills, grease, and more. Our sealant provides the best protection to ensure that all the grout lines stay clean through foot traffic and other external elements. And because our sealant is available in multiple colors, our crew had no trouble recoloring the grout to the client's specifications. They buffed the entire floor multiple times until all the tiles shined beautifully to match the home's welcoming atmosphere.

The client was amazed by the results. She loved the floor's new look and admired our techs' expertise in revamping the grout lines without missing a beat on any part of the surface. After thanking our techs for their work, she promised to recommend our services to everyone in Tucson.

While getting ready to leave the client's home, our crew took a moment to share some additional cleaning tips. Most cleaners can't keep up with the dirt that reaches a kitchen floor. Only pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner offer maximum cleaning power without any of the harsh ingredients you'd find in traditional formulas. Our product keeps grime, soil, and food residue from becoming embedded on the surface, and you don't have to worry about toxic fumes each time you use it. When combined with our sealant's protection, Sir Grout's cleaner is the ideal solution to keep a spotless grout for weeks and even months. Our specialists also recommended looking into the home's ventilation system to ensure that fresh air reaches all parts of the house. Moisture buildup can ruin your cleaning efforts in a heartbeat, and some portions of a home are at constant risk. Lastly, our techs praised the client's foresight in avoiding steel wool and other abrasive tools. A mop is much more effective when cleaning large surfaces, and either a towel or a terry cloth works much better when the stains are particularly sticky. More importantly, none of these tools will leave scratch marks on your floor tiles.

Sir Grout Tucson provides the best restoration services and long-lasting results. We've earned the trust of many households with an exceptional method that no other company can replicate. If you're unsatisfied with your cleaning results, you can count on our experts to revamp your surfaces. We won't let you down. Just call (520) 389-6218 or schedule a free quote online to request an in-home evaluation. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to learn about our latest promotions and updates. Sir Grout Tucson is the answer you're looking for!
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