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Deteriorated Ceramic Countertop in Oro Valley, AZ Makes a Full Recovery After a Grout Cleaning Service

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June 30, 2019

A common misconception many people have when stained grout shows up on the tile surfaces in their home is that it's the result of dirt accumulation. A homeowner from Oro Valley, AZ, recently went through the same thought process when she saw the grout lines on her bathroom countertop were heavily discolored. After many cleaning attempts, however, she realized that wasn't the case. Even though she had managed to remove most of the dirt from the fixtures on several occasions, the color of the grout lines didn't change and gave the countertop an unhygienic appearance.

Before and after Picture of This Ceramic Countertop after a Grout Cleaning Job in Oro Valley, AZ
Concerned, she went online and searched for advice. After browsing several websites, she learned that ceramic tile grout requires periodic cleaning and sealing to stay in good shape. The homeowner cleaned the countertop regularly, but the surface hadn't been sealed in a long time. Most websites also suggested hiring professionals to have the grout lines restored, so she searched for grout cleaning experts in Oro Valley, AZ. She found our website in the top search results. After watching several video testimonials and reading some of the reviews left by previous customers, she called to schedule a free in-home evaluation.

When we arrived at the client's home, she invited us in and led us to the countertop in her master bathroom. Upon walking into the bathroom, we immediately noticed what the customer had described over the phone. Even though the grout lines were dirty, the biggest problem was they hadn't been sealed in months. This allowed a mix of dirt and water to permeate the grout, causing it to appear stained.

The assessment confirmed the homeowner's initial suspicions that dirt was the main culprit. We explained to the client that while it's true dirt helped further deteriorate the grout, the real culprit was improper maintenance. Without a sealant, grout is constantly exposed to harmful external agents that can compromise its integrity. For this reason, we always recommend our customers seal their grout periodically. Not only will this keep their grout lines in good shape, it'll also help them avoid unnecessary expenses.

The client thanked us for our thorough explanation. She also asked us if we could perform a procedure that prevented the grout lines from returning to their current condition. We assured her we could achieve a long-lasting solution by applying ColorSeal on the grout after the surface was fully cleaned. The client was content with the solution we offered, so she agreed to the service.

On the day of the job, we started the restoration process by performing a thorough cleaning of the countertop's tiles and grout lines. We did this by using a pH-neutral cleaner together with a high-speed scrubber. On top of being tile and grout safe, our flagship cleaner contains ingredients that prevent the growth of microorganisms for an extended period of time after it has been applied. To finish, we used a steam cleaner to ensure the dirt was completely removed.

After we finished cleaning the countertop, we sealed the grout lines with our proprietary product ColorSeal. This is an acrylic-based sealant that protects grout against water, dirt, stains, mold, and mildew. It also recolors grout and gives it a brand-new appearance. The client chose beige to better match the color of the tiles.

The customer was completely surprised by the results. The grout lines she had struggled to clean no longer looked dirty. They now had a beautiful beige hue that gave the countertop a uniform appearance. She thanked us and said calling Sir Grout Tucson was the right choice.

There are many methods to restore grout lines, but the best way to ensure they remain in good condition is by taking preventive measures. For this reason, we gave the client some maintenance tips before we left. First. We recommended cleaning the countertop at least once a week using a pH-neutral cleaner like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Unlike other products, this cleaner won't damage grout nor leave any residue behind. We also suggested wiping away excess moisture after using the sink. This will help prevent grout damage over time.

Do you want to enhance the appearance of your bathroom? Our expert technicians at Sir Grout Tucson can do it for you. Call us at (520) 389-6218 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to set up a free in-home consultation today. To keep up with our latest innovations and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.

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